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Sumit Kumar

Associate, Operations

Sumit is a skilled individual with a Master's degree in Social Work and a commendable two-year tenure at Saarthi. Sumit's journey with Saarthi has been marked by diverse roles and a solid commitment to positively impacting individuals' lives. While at Saarthi, Sumit began as a Community Leader (CL) for the at-home program, providing valuable support and guidance to students pursuing education remotely. His dedication and effectiveness in this role led to his promotion as a Quality Associate for the at-center program. In this position, Sumit played a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality education services within Saarthi centers. Before his involvement with Saarthi, Sumit served as a Center Manager at Yuva Parivartan, further solidifying his experience and expertise in managing educational programs. This role allowed him to develop strong leadership and organizational skills while overseeing the center's operations and fostering an environment of growth and learning. As Sumit progresses in his career, he is transitioning into the schools' program, expanding his reach and impact on a larger scale. Sumit's journey within Saarthi is a testament to his adaptability and drive to grow his impact. His commitment to creating positive change in education is evident in his career choices and achievements. With Sumit's presence, Saarthi can continue its transformative work in empowering individuals and communities through education.

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