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Sanyogita Pundir

Community Leader, Dehradun

Sanyogita, a graduate with a degree in D.el.ed (Diploma in Elementary Education), is making a remarkable impact in education. Sanyogita's passion for teaching and dedication to making a difference extends beyond the classroom, as she skillfully manages her professional commitments and household responsibilities and engages in social work. With her teacher experience and leadership skills, Sanyogita has excelled in her role as a principal at a school. Her ability to guide and inspire students and staff has proven instrumental in creating a positive and productive learning environment. As a principal, she demonstrates a commitment to nurturing her students' academic, personal, and social growth, striving to ensure that they have the tools necessary for success. What sets Sanyogita apart is her ability of creating a harmonious and supportive environment within her family while actively participating in initiatives that uplift the community. Sanyogita's passion for social work demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of the classroom, further enriching the lives of those around her.

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