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Sarita Kumari

Community Leader, South Delhi

Sarita is a highly motivated individual with a strong background in NGO work and a passion for empowering communities. With a Master's degree in Commerce, Sarita brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a Community Leader, a guide, and a mentor for our Relationship Managers seeking assistance. With six years of experience as a Counsellor and Project Officer at Sakaar Outreach GRC (NGO), Sarita has significantly impacted the lives of individuals and communities. As a Counsellor, she diligently informed people about various government schemes, such as pensions, health camps, vocational courses, and legal assistance. Additionally, as a Project Officer, Sarita successfully led a team of 10 individuals, including community mobilizers, SHG mobilizers, help desk personnel, vocational course instructors, and non-formal education instructors. Sarita's experience extends beyond Sakaar Outreach GRC. She also served as an Office Coordinator at the RAH Welfare Society for one year, where she further honed her organizational and administrative skills. Since joining Saarthi two years and three months ago, Sarita has found fulfillment in working with new challenges, supported by a positive and collaborative environment. Sarita's expertise, passion for community empowerment, and unwavering commitment to growth make her an invaluable asset to the Saarthi team.

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