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An initiative by Saarthi Education to provide girls from low-income communities with the opportunity to study in good private schools. The SAGE Fellowship aims to break the inertia and bias among families who typically send their sons to private schools while their daughters attend government schools. By sponsoring one year of their daughter's school fees, we hope to change the sentiment in the community and encourage families to provide equal opportunities for their children regardless of gender. Join us in our mission to make quality education accessible to all.

“I work as a cleaning staff at SK Payal School, where my daughters, Ankita and Aditi, study. Thanks to the extra math class provided by Saarthi Education, both of them have made great strides in their basic math skills, which they have been improving through Saarthi worksheets for the past eight months.”


- Rupa Didi, Aditi and Ankit's parent

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